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Consulting Services

Individual and group consulting and conducting workshops, training,

and debriefing for social workers, frontline workers, community

organizers, managers, and non-profit organizations.​


I offer consultations, workshops, and training on the following topics: ​

  • Leadership

  • Self-care and skills for addressing burnout

  • Reflective practice

  • Social work skills

  • Communication skills

  • Program and/or project evaluation



I incorporate an Indigenous (holistic) and anti-oppressive social justice lens. I am heart, mind, body, and spirit-centred, creative, approachable, and critically reflective. I believe in creating trusting, respectful and collaborative relationships. Moreover, I offer support in:

  • Broadening people’s bundles (or toolboxes)

  • Deepening people’s skillsets

  • Facilitating a sense of connection among team members; and

  • Creating an environment where people are encouraged to reflect, be vulnerable, keep the lines of communication open, and have courageous conversations.


Workshops Available

  1. Indigenizing Trauma Work (2-Day Workshop but can be modified to one or partial-day formats)

    • The two-day workshop focuses on understanding colonial trauma and incorporating Indigenous cultural approaches to trauma work. On Day 1, participants explore colonial trauma's definition and historical context, delve into Indigenous wholistic perspectives, and engage in experiential learning through personal narrative sharing. The afternoon session concentrated on cultural approaches to responding to trauma and integrating them into helper practices.

    • Day 2, "Applying Wholistic Practices," includes an experiential learning session practicing wholistic approaches. The day progresses with discussions on enhancing wholistic practice, building cultural sensitivity, and creating culturally safe spaces. The workshop concluds with a closing circle for reflection on the key concepts and experiences shared over the two days.

  2. ​Decolonizing Social Work Practice: Unveiling a Path towards Equity and Empowerment

    • This workshop aims to illuminate colonialism's impact on social work and explore strategies for decolonizing practice to create more equitable and empowering outcomes for individuals and communities.

    • This webinar workshop will give participants a deeper understanding of colonialism's historical and global influence on social work through insightful discussions, case studies, and practical examples. We will critically examine the assumptions, biases, and power imbalances within social work practice and institutions that perpetuate inequality and discrimination.

  3. Collaborating with Indigenous Communities

    • In today's interconnected world, collaboration with Indigenous communities is essential for addressing shared challenges, promoting social justice, and fostering inclusive practices. This webinar workshop allows participants to delve into the complexities of collaborating with Indigenous communities and gain the knowledge and skills to build meaningful partnerships.

    • This workshop will explore the importance of cultural sensitivity, respect, and understanding in working with Indigenous communities. We will examine the unique challenges Indigenous communities face, the significance of Indigenous knowledge systems, and the principles of Indigenous collaboration. Participants will learn how to integrate Indigenous approaches into their collaborations, ensuring a culturally responsive and inclusive process.

  4. Bridging Worlds: Navigating -Indigenous-Settler Relations, Allyship, and the Road to Reconciliation and Decolonization

    • This workshop offers an opportunity to gain insights into Indigenous perspectives and contemporary challenges. Participants will discover how to become effective allies, support Indigenous communities, and understand the crucial role of reconciliation in the healing process. The workshop provides practical steps for decolonization, emphasizing the benefits for all communities. Attendees will develop confidence in discussing settler-Indigenous relations and leave motivated and inspired to take tangible steps towards fostering reconciliation.

  5. The Intersection of Indigeneity, Disability, and Ableism in Social Work Practice

    • ​This workshop will explore the complex and critical topic of the intersection of indigeneity, disability, and ableism in social work practice. This webinar aims to deepen your understanding of the unique challenges and experiences faced by Indigenous individuals with disabilities and how ableism perpetuates systemic barriers within their communities. Through an intersectional lens, we will examine the historical context, cultural considerations, ethical frameworks, and culturally responsive practices that can inform inclusive and empowering social work interventions.

  6. ​Embracing Wholeness: A Holistic Exploration of Burnout

    • This workshop delves into the complex realm of burnout and explores a holistic approach to well-being using the Medicine Wheel. In today's fast-paced world, burnout is a prevalent issue that affects individuals across various aspects of their lives. This session offers a unique perspective, drawing inspiration from the Medicine Wheel's holistic framework to address burnout.

Tailored or Customized Workshops: Customizing Workshops to Fit Your Agency's Unique Needs​

  • My workshops are adaptable and can be customized to meet your agency's specific needs and goals. To initiate the customization process, please contact me at I look forward to collaborating to create a tailored and impactful learning experience.

Delivery Format Options

  1. Online Virtual Workshops

    • Conducted through virtual platforms, enabling participants to join from anywhere.

    • Duration Options:

      • Webinar Format: Typically 1-2 hours for a focused session.

      • Half-Day: Approximately 3-4 hours for a more in-depth experience.

      • Full Day: A comprehensive workshop spanning 5-6 hours.

      • Multi-Day: Extended sessions spread across multiple days for immersive learning.

  2. In-Person Workshops

    • Conducted at a physical location, allowing for face-to-face interaction.

    • Duration Options:

      • Lunchtime Hour: A concise session lasting around 1 hour, suitable for quick learning.

      • Half-Day: A 3-4 hour session offering a more detailed exploration.

      • Full Day: An extensive 5-6 hour workshop for thorough engagement.

      • Multi-Day: Extended in-person sessions distributed over several days for a deep dive.

  3. Webinar Format:

    • A virtual presentation or workshop delivered through a webinar platform.

    • Duration Options:

      • Lunchtime Hour: A brief 1-hour session suitable for quick insights.

      • Half-Day: A 3-4 hour webinar for more extensive coverage.

      • Full Day: A comprehensive 5-6 hour webinar for a detailed exploration.

      • Multi-Day: Webinar sessions spread across multiple days for flexibility.

  4. Customized Formats:

    • Tailored workshops designed to meet specific time constraints or organizational needs.

    • Duration Options: Flexible, depending on the requirements, ranging from brief sessions to extended workshops.


These delivery format options provide flexibility to accommodate diverse schedules and preferences, ensuring that participants can engage with the content in a way that suits their learning style and availability.

Current & Past Clients

Some agencies that I have or continue to work with are Native Child & Family Services of Toronto, Toronto Aboriginal Support Services Council (TASSC), Old Sun Community College, York Region District School Board, Ontario Association of Social Workers, and the Centre for Indigegogy at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 12.09.30 PM.png

Attendee of OASW Webinar on The Intersection of Indigenity, Disability, and Ablelism in Social Work Practice

“[I liked] the emphasis on critical reflective
examination of biases even within our own
profession and the need to promote, advocate and
collaborate WITH our Indigenous clients in a
wholistic and respectful ways.”


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