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The Resurgence of Urban Indigenous Identities & Contemporary Understandings of Community in Digital Spaces
Primary Researcher: Shane N Young, MSW, PhD (ABD)


Do you actively use social media?

Do you identify as Indigenous?

Are you 18+?

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Purpose of the Research
In contemporary realities, digital spaces have influenced our ability to explore the world around us. Digital space refers to the virtual environments and online platforms within the digital realm, such as the internet, social media, and mobile applications. For a mutual understanding, digital spaces in this research study will refer specifically to social media. These spaces can be used for various purposes: communication, commerce, entertainment, and information sharing. They allow individuals and organizations to connect, collaborate, and share information and resources in previously impossible ways. 

Through digital spaces, mainly social media, there has been an increase in the exploration of personhood and the complexities of their identities (including intersectionality and relation to place). These efforts have led to the resurgence of Indigenous identities, which is undoubtedly a political act of decolonization, concrete actions in which peoples (and communities) exercise their self-determination by reclaiming their voice and presentation of self.

In this respect, this research will explore how digital spaces (TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook) conceptualize and impacts Indigenous individual and collective identity production, maintenance, and resurgence. Exploring and assessing the role of such digital spaces will offer insight into current practices in Indigenous identity revitalization projects and new perspectives on how to best support Indigenous futures.                                

What Will You Be Asked to Do in the Research?   

If participating in a 1-on-1 interview, participants will be asked to participate in one virtual 1-on-1 interview with the primary researcher for 60-90 minutes (scheduling will be based on participant availability). Questions for the interview will outline a nuanced capture of the participant's engagement with social media (TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook) and how it influences their understanding of their self, identity, and community. 

If participating in a survey, the time commitment for participants will vary but is estimated to take 45-60 minutes. The survey will consist of 25 multi-choice and short-answer questions, outlining a general sense of participant engagement with social media and how it influences their understanding of self, identity, and community. Participants can complete the survey when suitable to their schedule. 
Any additional time commitment for study participation 

Want To Participate? Or Need More Information?

If you are interested in participating in this project,  please complete the Informed Consent Form, and Shane will be in touch within 1-2 days with a link to the survey and/or to set up a date and time for your interview.


If you have any questions, pleascontact Shane at


All correspondence will be completely confidential.

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